Gold Membership

Relux Gold Memberships gives you a comfortable stay in a decent 3* properties across India, and a perfect Sedan for your comfortable travel with a 24Hrs Online Executive Support for Guidance. You can spend your leisure timings with a beautiful friends, family and surroundings with this memberships.

Total Nights 70 Nights Rs.4,00,000
Travel Voucher 5000 Kms Rs.1,00,000
Food Voucher 5000/Year Rs.50,000
Validity 10 Years
Appreciation for 10 Years 3,50,000
Cost Without Membership 9,00,000
Our Offer with Membership 4,00,000

Other Benefits

  • Upgrade at any point of time.
  • Additional discounts available for domestic flights.
  • Complimentary new year party tickets on various destinations of India until Validity period.
  • 100% Transferable & Upgradeable at any point of time.